Destiny Fanart - Environments 1

Been doing some studies and explorations on painting environments, doing these gave me a lot of self-reflecting moments to remind myself to improve a lot more on this area.

Bungie always has one of the best art ive seen and their artworks are always inspirational! So Im trying to put in a couple of months to do several paintings while studying my great art idols: Jaime Jones, Dorje Bellbrook, Adrian Majkrzak, Sung Choi, Jesse Van Dijk and to name a few more.

More environments and character stuffs incoming

Johnson ting thrall1

Imagined a Titan going to a hive home planet, only to find out that the Traveler is their god

Johnson ting thrall2

Prefer this split complementary color palette

Johnson ting thrall0

(Gif progress) Studying on Jaime, Dorje and Adrian's paintings

Johnson ting hive

Trying to paint a giant hive mothership that was attached to a sculpted meteor. I think this was the fourth or fifth piece in the set

Johnson ting interior10

Rough painting based on one of Adrian's pieces on a Cabal interior

Johnson ting interior1

(Gif progress) Second piece in the studies

Johnson ting sketch19

Totally hate how this ended up, so many issues

Johnson ting sketch1

(Gif progress) This is the first environments I did for this set of studies, looks pretty shitty haha