Neo Japan 2202 - N10s

Having some fun while recording a demo, a more complete and proper one this time :P Saw a really cool photo when I was looking through photos and found this really interesting one, and thought I should do a piece based off it:

Wanted to show several techniques including working ontop a photo, painting different materials, using old assets and 3D kitbash packs.

Gonna be using this video(a slower one) to do a live voice over/QnA during my sharing session in Taipei during 7th of May 2017, alongside Dorothy J.Hwee! If you are in Taipei at the time and would like to grab a ticket, head over to:

Johnson ting np 19 copy

Fooling around with a magazine cover inspired layout

Johnson ting np 17 copy

Variant 2


Johnson ting np gif

Gif file