PewDiePie Fanart

If you've followed me on my instagram ( you might've seen that I've been doing a series of portraits for the past week and going to make it until I reach the 100th portrait, its just sort of a after work practice to relax the mind and train the brush strokes and photoshop brushes that I rarely use, so far its been really fun exploring a bunch of different styles.

I dedicate yesterday/today's portrait to PewDiePie aka Felix Kjellberg, which I'm a fan of, for me, not only that his video are entertaining but he's also one of the most real youtubers I've ever seen, a man that truly loves what he does and not afraid of making changes, it is absolutely inspiring. So I painted him along with his girlfriend Marzia, their dogs Maya and Edgar.

Johnson ting 9 11
Johnson ting 9 15

Version with Marzia, Edgar and Maya.

Johnson ting 9 12
Johnson ting 9 13
Johnson ting 9 14
Johnson ting 9 2

Process gif